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    About HAAC Board ( 0 )

    Houston Art and Culture has worked to assemble its board with leaders through out the Houston. They come different industries, which give a diverse background to help meet our mission statements.

    We work in a transparent manner to keep the public informed of our actiivites within the community And work to keep our meeting minutes posted to our site as a way to keep the public at large informed.

    Meet our Board:

    Lori Betz
    Board President
    Founder of Houston Art and Culture

    My vision is pretty much encapsulated in our mission statement, which is to bring scholarship to local Houston artists and to support the local arts in Houston through various programs. I have devoted my career to these efforts through my art gallery on a regular basis but decided to form Houston Art and Culture in order to reach a broader audience and to enlarge our scope.


    Beth Guide

    Beth Guide is the owner of ACTWD and SEO411, companies specializing in Web Hosting and internet marketing. Prior to becoming a business owner in 1997 and moving to Texas, Guide was a journalist in the New York City area, where she received numerous awards for both photography and reporting. She is a graduate of William Patterson University with a BA in Communications.


    Dominik Hussl
    Vice President

    Domink Hussl has worked Search Engine Optimization and website management since 1999, and is exceptional with management and operational skills. Mr. Hussl also teaches regularly at the University of Houston's Small Business Development Center as well as educating others through various speaking engagements.


    Call To Artists ( 0 )

    Houston Art and Culture, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization promoting artistic inspiration in the Greater Houston area, is organizing a Call for Artists.

    Houston artists may apply to receive funds and promotions for a solo exhibition and receive a monetary grant of up to $1200 for expenses. The winner will have his or her works exhibited at a local gallery space. Cadence Enterprise, a Houston public relations firm, will promote the show in the local and regional media. 

    All artistic styles are welcome.

    To Apply:

    Send images of work, artist biography, and statement of intent to Betz Gallery located at 1208 W. Gray, or e-mail to Lori Betz at lori@betzgallery.com

    Submit three images representative of the works you plan to submit.
    Name each JPG image with your first initial, last name and image number. Then follow by a description of medium, size and format.


    Image Number 1 (JSmith1.jpg)    Description: oil on canvas, 36” x 36”
    Image Number 2 (JPSmith2.jpg)  Description: acrylic on paper, 24” x 24”

    Letter of Intent

    A letter of intent is standard and is like a cover letter for a job.    A letter of intent should include
    what the artist intends to create for the exhibition. For example is it going to be an installation, or a show featuring large art objects, abstract art, or a retrospective. 

    Deadline to enter is Feb 25 2012

    Winner notification will be March 1, 2012  


    Drawing Workshop ( 0 )

    Drawing Workshop   with artist Tim Vanya

    Houston Art and Culture will be awarding two scholarships to artists interested in taking this workshop. Artists applying must send an email to lori@betzgallery.com with all of their contact information and a short paragraph about why they would like to take this workshop.  The deadline for application is Sept 10th.

    Tim Vanya is an accomplished artist and was recently inducted into the  Western Artists of America and has spent many years as a teacher at the Tin Star Studio in College Station, Texas. I am very excited about bringing him to Houston, Texas to give a two day intensive drawing workshop. I have wanted to study with Tim Vanya for a while now and so I feel like this is a great opportunity.  As a professional working artist I know how important the discipline of life drawing is and if we dont exercise that muscle it can become weak. For more information and a glimpse at Tims’ art work visit 
    The workshop will be help saturday and sunday September 17 and 18 from 10am-4pm at Betz Art Gallery. Space is limited so sign up by emailing lori@betzgallery.com or call (713) 576-6954 to reserve a space. The class fee is $125 for the two day intensive workshop.





Workshop Outline
    Day One

Critique of work: Each student is to bring one/two pieces of their best work for a group critique by Tim Vanya, member of Western Artists of America. This work needs to have been completed within the last two years. This helps both teacher and student know where they are skill wise. This work will provide a good opportunity for feed- back and group discussion. Approximate time: 2-4 Hours, two hours on first morning and two hours on second afternoon, or a single 4 hour session on the first morning (dependent on number of students and amount of work).

Introduction to Drawing: An over view as to the importance of drawing in all aspects of fine art.  Approximate time: 15 Minutes

 Drawing Warm Up: A quick demonstration of drawing objects in a 3 to 5 minuet warm ups. Emphasis on looseness, speed, reacting and response to the subject, scribbling (what you had no problem with as a child!) Approximate time: 45—50 Minutes

Drawing, the Short Session: A quick over view and short critique of the previous sessions work, each student picks one or two of what they think is their best effort and the group views and discusses it. Begin 15 minute set ups allowing the student to further develop a finished work. This allows enough time to include some value in the drawing and to begin an interpretation of the subject. Approximate time: 2 Hours

Final Critique of the day: Each student picks 2/4 of the afternoon’s best works for a review and critique. Approximate time: 45-50 Minutes



Day Two

 Drawing Warm Up: We will begin the day with 3 to 5 minute set ups in the loose and quick responsive style. Approximate time: 45-50  Minutes

Drawing , the Long Session: An introductory discussion of the long session and what it entails is given before drawing begins. How the quick sketch is involved, the importance of looking and seeing accurately, design elements, enough time to hang yourself, starting over, the finished work. Students will complete 2 to 3 finished drawings. Approximate time 3 Hours

The Final Critique: Students post two finished works for a group discussion and critique. Approximate time 45-50 Minutes


    HAAC Scholarship Winners ( 0 )

    Houston Art and Culture Scholarship Winners

    First Place: Anat Ronen

    Anat Ronen is a Houston based selftaught artist. Until 2008, she was working in administrative positions in numerous jobs. She wasn't confident of her artistic skills, and did not think to practice them professionally. The breakthrough came as a surprise, when facing a life changing decision to try working in the field. Anat started to advertise her services on CraigsList and from one client to the next, gathered experience and confidence in her ability to provide good products.

    In 2009, Anat went public with four murals on the Galveston Causeway, each 90 feet long. This came after a job offer she just didn't say no to. Not sure what to expect, she just did it, and was surprised to see the results. Since then, she completed more than a hundred larger and smaller scale murals on highways, commercial spots, schools and in private homes throughout the Houston area.

    Following her motto "never say no", she stumbled upon the opportunity to participate in her first street painting experience
    Via Colori 2009 where she represented a radio station. Having a great time, she enthusiastically said yes when offered to participate in the collaborative mural orchestrated by Melanie Stimmel Van Latum in Via Colori 2010 and now ecstatic to be the featured artist in 2011. Anat recently participated in the international art festival in Sarasota in November 2011, creating vertical art as a part of the famous chalk festival.

    A native of Israel, Anat has established her home in Houston, TX with her husband and son. They are very happy to live in such a diverse, growing, friendly and active city. Anat works alone with technical assistance from her husband, Ori. Anat paints her murals in acrylics and latex and has a diverse portfolio
    from digital medium (website and graphic design) to mixed media to traditional canvases and smaller drawings and illustrations. Every project is an opportunity to create new ways to achieve a result everyone is happy with.

    Her primary drive is to be original, so projects always start from scratch. She listens to the needs, learns about the clients and combines all the ingredients to make a satisfactory result. Her past in business administration and marketing is useful when it comes to design
    she has the ability to think like the business owner and at the same time, put herself in the client's shoes and understand what type of design would work best. Anat is very thankful for her talents and for her ability to make a living from what she loves.

    Please visit Anat's site at www.houston

    Second Place: Timothy Snider



    There is no formula to any of my work – I work from compulsion, rather than working simply because I fancy myself artistic or because I’m relaxing or on display or whatever.  That bein said, I do from time to time get stuck in a loop and turn out a series of work that runs along a common line.  I think the three pictures submitted here with this letter are more related, less all-over-the-place than the smorgasbord of work I normal put forward, and so should not be seen as indicative of my range. 

    I have done many shows, gallery and street, in the past, and so am not a novice, even if I am a bit out of the loop.  I take commissions, take them seriously, and so am practiced at that as well.  A happy customer is often times a repeat customer, so I always give 100% on every job.

    Third Place: Jimmy Houston

    I am a self-taught artist and a storyteller. I’ve told my stories with film, animation, paint and the written word.  I count it a great blessing to be able to interpret and render the images of my imagination.

    At the University of Texas, I studied film and animation and graduated with a degree in Radio TV Film.   Later, I painted murals, faux finishing and commissioned paintings.

    I have exhibited at ZEN Art Space in the Houston Galleria, at Elder Street Gallery, Heights Studios and Gallery, War’Hous Visual Studios, Watson Gallery, and the 2010 and 2011 Houston Art Crawl.   In 2009, I was a finalist in the Hunting Art Prize.  Two of my works were chosen for the 2011 Lawndale Art Center’s “Big Show.”

    I am fascinated by the idea of discarded history and a sense of collective nostalgia.  In my paintings, I seek to express a vision of a world that has been left to others.  Cartoonish varmints serve as guides into a forgotten existence.  They often bring a dark humor to the structures and symbols of humanity they interact with. 

    My use of black and white and sepia tones developed from my background in film.  My frequent use of found objects is my way of uniting and redefining the past and the present. 

    As I continue my journey, my heart and vision remain with storytelling.

    Member Artists ( 16 )
    WLN Art Tent ( 0 )

    White Linen Night in the Heights – August 6th 2011 - First Juried Exhibition
    Presents “Sultry, Steamy, Provocative Art”

    As August ushers in the sultry, steamy, summer nights the Heights comes alive
    for one very provocative night of art, culture and fun called appropriately “
    White Linen Night in the Heights”. This year On August 6th revelers who hit
    the streets for the 5th Annual White Linen Night in The Heights will be
    wearing white but will be encouraged to “Think Pink”. The annual sultry
    celebration of art, community and all things Heights that draws 40,000+ to
    the streets of the bohemian suburb will promote breast cancer awareness this
    year. Houston, Art & Culture, the organizers of White Linen Night in The
    Heights, have partnered with the Breast Health Collaborative of Texas (BHCT)
    to create Pink Street, which will host various grass-roots and better-known
    awareness and survivor groups. Also on Pink Street will be the first annual
    juried exhibition under the Art Tent.

    Over 65 artists recieved a 12x12 deep “box style” canvas to paint for the
    exhibition in any media they choose. Houston Art and Culture is committed to
    promoting the art work of local emerging talent and the Art Tent exhibition
    will be the place where local artists can bring their art to the public. All
    art work will be for sale the night of the event under the Art Tent and will
    be priced at $100 ( 30% of the proceeds to benefit HoustonArtandCulture and
    be used to benefit the local artist community here in Houston.
    Some of the artists participating are,

    lizbeth ortiz             
    r.j. pena
    safda fagala
    bj fallin
    robert wilder
    diedra lizcano
    chelsea simmons
    justin garcia
    susan goettsche-boggs
    barbara kremenezky
    edgar hernandez
    linda hardy

    claire richards
    sue donaldson
    mary katherine castro
    matchu roger
    pattie bird
    dolores benchella
    john mullin
    karen morris
    enrique rodriguez
    randall jobe
    mike bloom
    caleb smith
    george bibb
    tracy pierce
    scott chiu
    trish klenow
    leah hay
    bonnie blue
    melba lee
    pedro guevara
    dannye jones
    wade grimes
    dr jones
    zachary castro
    jason jefferies

    For more information about “Sultry, Steamy, Provocative Art” exhibition,
    contact Lori Betz at 713-576-6954, via e-mail at <info@betzgallery.com or
    Lindsay Peyton at lindsay@cadenceenterprise.com or by visiting the
    www.whitelinennightintheheights.com .