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    Drawing Workshop

    Drawing Workshop   with artist Tim Vanya

    Houston Art and Culture will be awarding two scholarships to artists interested in taking this workshop. Artists applying must send an email to lori@betzgallery.com with all of their contact information and a short paragraph about why they would like to take this workshop.  The deadline for application is Sept 10th.

    Tim Vanya is an accomplished artist and was recently inducted into the  Western Artists of America and has spent many years as a teacher at the Tin Star Studio in College Station, Texas. I am very excited about bringing him to Houston, Texas to give a two day intensive drawing workshop. I have wanted to study with Tim Vanya for a while now and so I feel like this is a great opportunity.  As a professional working artist I know how important the discipline of life drawing is and if we dont exercise that muscle it can become weak. For more information and a glimpse at Tims’ art work visit 
    The workshop will be help saturday and sunday September 17 and 18 from 10am-4pm at Betz Art Gallery. Space is limited so sign up by emailing lori@betzgallery.com or call (713) 576-6954 to reserve a space. The class fee is $125 for the two day intensive workshop.





Workshop Outline
    Day One

Critique of work: Each student is to bring one/two pieces of their best work for a group critique by Tim Vanya, member of Western Artists of America. This work needs to have been completed within the last two years. This helps both teacher and student know where they are skill wise. This work will provide a good opportunity for feed- back and group discussion. Approximate time: 2-4 Hours, two hours on first morning and two hours on second afternoon, or a single 4 hour session on the first morning (dependent on number of students and amount of work).

Introduction to Drawing: An over view as to the importance of drawing in all aspects of fine art.  Approximate time: 15 Minutes

 Drawing Warm Up: A quick demonstration of drawing objects in a 3 to 5 minuet warm ups. Emphasis on looseness, speed, reacting and response to the subject, scribbling (what you had no problem with as a child!) Approximate time: 45—50 Minutes

Drawing, the Short Session: A quick over view and short critique of the previous sessions work, each student picks one or two of what they think is their best effort and the group views and discusses it. Begin 15 minute set ups allowing the student to further develop a finished work. This allows enough time to include some value in the drawing and to begin an interpretation of the subject. Approximate time: 2 Hours

Final Critique of the day: Each student picks 2/4 of the afternoon’s best works for a review and critique. Approximate time: 45-50 Minutes



Day Two

 Drawing Warm Up: We will begin the day with 3 to 5 minute set ups in the loose and quick responsive style. Approximate time: 45-50  Minutes

Drawing , the Long Session: An introductory discussion of the long session and what it entails is given before drawing begins. How the quick sketch is involved, the importance of looking and seeing accurately, design elements, enough time to hang yourself, starting over, the finished work. Students will complete 2 to 3 finished drawings. Approximate time 3 Hours

The Final Critique: Students post two finished works for a group discussion and critique. Approximate time 45-50 Minutes